Mar 2018
How Kids Are Different

Turns out pediatric ultrasound is more than just wiggly subjects, linear probes, and nervous parents. These little adults can be more complicated than most of us want to admit…. but FEAR NOT, we were recently at Cabofest and recorded this awesome lecture from Canadian Peds Guru Lianne McLean on HOW KIDS ARE DIFFERENT. If you want to learn in person for on Lianne or just looking for more hands on and in-person ultrasound goodness, go to bendfest18.com. #FOAMed Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Android | RSS...

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CaboFest Day 1! #FOAMed
January 30, 2018

CaboFest Day 1! #FOAMed

We just got done with Cabofest 2018 in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! We had some amazing lecturers and wanted to share some salient points.  Stay tuned for the day 2 recap which should be...

Poop Sac 2.0 - SBO
September 25, 2017

Poop Sac 2.0 – SBO

It’s been somewhere between 3 and 12 years since we’ve talked about poop sacs on the podcast. And the poop sacs are angry. They feel neglected, gassy, constipated, ready to explode. This next set of...